Monday, September 28, 2015

Weekend Goings On

Didn't do much this weekend.

On Saturday we celebrated my nieces birthday with a Harry Potter themed party and that was fun! Some of the the little girls were very loud and needed to really get in touch with their inner Hermione Grangers  and Luna Lovegood's and spend less time with their Weasley twins. Just saying. Although, Hermione  could be really, really mean and if she had hung out with more girls, she would have been the queen of the school.

And everyone was either a Gryffindor or a Ravenclaw, doesn't Slytherin get any love? Its were he really hot guys lived, but they are too young for that yet, maybe its for the best and what of Hufflepuff? No one even spoke of that house.

Anyway. I bought wood filler for the issue on the top of the dresser and it was hard! wood filler is sticky and gross and at the same time, dry and like silly putty. I made a mess with it and ended up having to sand most of it off. Sigh. It did solve my problem to a point though.

Right now it looks best at a distance. There is work yet to do and I haven't even started on the drawers yet and I haven't found the new pulls either.

My parents came up for the party, my Dad found time to do Rocket and I a huge favor - Not so much a favor for Rocke as much as me, the cat, the house and everything in the house. I've had enough of Rocket channeling his inner Houdini

Hopefully this will not inspire him to dig under or break though the door. To back up our new plan for him to stay in his room all day, we are going back to the dog shrink for his annual re-visit and hopefully she will help us out.

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