Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Hate Wal-Mart Pharmacy, they suck, and lie and have bad service.

Rocket did a good job displaying his anxiety at the dog shrink. Which is good because going in and saying his behavior has changed and he seems different isn't really good enough. He did his job and was a nut.

The doctor  spent some time with him, examined him and even did a blood draw. The doctor said he has relapsed. So. More meds, different meds, more diary keeping and a change of med schedule.

As I was talking to the vet - for an hour and a half! I started to notice hat there were a lot of signs things have been not great for a while. He hasn't slept well in months, his anxiety levels have risen, slowly, but they are more than they were. Lately however, it has gotten out of hand. He spent an entire night freaking out, he seems very unhappy when I put him in his room in the morning and he was always fine with that, he will not stay in his room during the day, after months and months of no problems, he peed the floor twice in the last month, when he gets out of the room he is destructive and this is dangerous and unacceptable. I also noticed just today that he needs to be veryclose to me, and this has not been the case.

I noticed this morning that he was in the kitchen doorway while I ate breakfast, normally, he goes back to sleep on the couch while I eat with kitty. Now its different, now he's back to being rightwithme.

I don't know what has happened and why he is sick again and I wish I had been paying attention before he was this unhappy. But, thankfully, I had the vet school and the behaviorist on speed dial and it was time for his yearly and hopefully, we can get him back to where he was.

And now Wal-Mart Pharmacy  needs to practice good customer service... Yeah, of course they dicked me over, its Wal-Mart! what did I expect! The pharmacy manager "kindly" said he would fill them this month, but after this, I'm going to have to go somewhere else and pay more because all of a sudden after months, my discount pharmacy card doesn't work anymore to buy meds for an animal. I have complained, but I am going to complain more and higher up. And then I am going to strip all my scripts from them and go elsewhere. Bastards.

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