Wednesday, September 30, 2015


The dresser is making me sad. I looked it over after the first coat and it was not a pretty picture. It was not looking like the image I had in my mind of what it was going to look like .

The surface doesn't hold the paint like the other piece did. Its slick and paint and even with my sanding, its not the end product I would have liked. I re-sanded it and got very judgy with myself. I then walked away, I had hoped that the paint fairies would take care of it for me but they didn't.

So I came back to it. I put another coat on it, it looks marginally better, not greatly better but enough better that I am not as depressed about it as I was. There is a giant flaw on the top, I tried to fix it and I should have left it alone, but because I have so much experience with wooden furniture and wood working that I thought I could fix the imperfection and I only made it worse. Live and learn.  Now there is Mount Hubris instead.

Pinterest lies, Google Images lies! The entire internet lies about how much fun and easy DIY is.  In real life, DIY is hard and messy and time consuming and is not good for your self confidence! Things get messed up so easily and there you are with something you would never buy if you saw it out in the world and you did this .

But sometimes it doesn't get messed up or its  just good enough to not be too embarrassing or its even kind of cool - There is always something that only you are going to see, that spot on the piece that looks to you like a giant sore - no one else spends as much time with it or looks at it closely enough to see the sore, but the sore is still there. Sometimes it glows in the dark.

It's not always a nightmare, I have other painted furniture pieces that I do not hate. The dresser will eventually not be a terrible chore and I will eventually have to like it enough to spend a lot of time sharing a room with it. The drawers are going to be not much fun either and I'm going to buy more paint before I start on them this weekend. At some point,  I'm going to have to take off the tape on the parts I didn't paint , surely, that is going to be a very tense moment and I see it not being a happy time for me. I'm going to have to figure out how to correct the damage while protecting the wood and still getting the surface painted the way it needs to be.

I see a very wide, very long table runner in my future.

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