Thursday, October 1, 2015


After work my plan was to go by a UPS store and return some very, very bad Christmas cards I ordered - they looked much better when I was designing them, in reality, they were hideous . They had to go back and back they go. I designed some new cards with another vender and I am much happier with these, I hope. I can't really order them until I get the refund from the first ones\, I should have sent them back sooner. My bad.

Anyway, I returned the bad cards and went back to my car and headed home. I was tooling down Hargett and I saw a lose dog and I said "Awwww, a lose dog! I hope it gets home!" and then I saw a little girl runing after the dog and I said "Oh shit that's her dog!" and I drove a little down the street and I said "I have to help that girl get her dog. Have to." I parked the car and watched the dog head into the cemetery. The little girl was standing on the sidewalk sobbing and I said to myself , The dog is in the cemetery, its fenced, this will e-asy I was wrong. Yes, it is fenced, but  the dog can go through the gates, at will. And did.

And ran across the street into a park between apartment complexes. She would not be caught. She would bot be herded and she would not be bribed. After  more than a couple of near misses, I went back to the car and grabbed an old leash of Rockets from training. I thought I would use it as a lasso. I thought wrong, the dog would also not be corralled .

We chased that damn dog all over. The poor little girl was beside herself and I was feeling winded but unhelpful. A couple from one of the complexes donated a dog treat to the cause and helped out trying to direct the dog somewhere, anywhere. Big fail.

A guy walked out of the complex and walked into the park and sat on a bench. Did not even once try to help. That couple came out of their house and ran around and this dick just sat there. Loser.

Finally after much running around the dog followed the little girl back to her apartment complex and she was able to get a hand on the dog and got him safe. I gave her the leash and went home.

My dog peed the floor in protest of my late arrival home.

Later, I decided the dresser was finished. I don't have unlimited paint and I knew that putting more paint on it wasn't going to make it less not right. FYI, I am in the market for an electric palm sander. If I had one, the dresser would kick ass now, live and learn and get an electric sander, I took off the tape and its going to need some touch up but not as dramatically as I thought it was going to be.

I started hand sanding - hate it, I want a real sander! and taping and got three of the nine done.

 Six more to go...

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