Friday, October 2, 2015


My work email kept bringing me cheery power point presentations about how much water we're going to be under - a lot, when we're going to be under it we don't really know, but hope you're all SCUBA certified and how bad its going to be, Let us join hands in prayer .

The East Coast is a very large place, it includes places that are not Manhatten or places Manhattanites own vacation homes . You wouldn't know from the news. "OH MY GOD it could be Sandy II" really means, OMG! New Yorkers might have to deal with what the rest of the country deals with routinely, again! OH NOES!" Weather comes as a shock to people in New York. I did not know that they never experienced weather, but then I watching NYPD Blue  reruns all summer and apparently it is either Hot or Cold, I assume it rains there as well but not much and not for long.

If it rains too hard for too long, my basement is going to flood and my water heater is going to get wet and the pilot is going to get snuffed. I will have no hot water until I can find a plumber to come out and relight it, its not easy to do at all, when the Gas Company guy came out to service the line,  he had to call in reinforcements to figure out how to get it relit.  I want Santa to move my water heater to higher ground for Christmas.

I also want an electric hand sander and novelty eye lashes for my car. Its early but its never to early to get requests in and I need something else to think about other than the imminent flooding of my basement and wide spread damage and flooding of everyone's everything. Yay.

After dinner I curled up on the couch with the dog and used him as a pillow and we watched TV. I would imagine the dog shrink doesn't want me to encourage that kind of physical closeness with him right now... but when he's in dog ball mode he is the perfect pillow, and its damp and its going to be for the foreseeable future and blechy and he's warm and  dry  and solid and so perfect. He's like an electric blanket with the capacity for wuve.

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