Wednesday, October 7, 2015


Today did not go like it was supposed to. I got up early and went and voted, like I was supposed to. I spoke with my precinct chair who told me he is now the fourth district chair and has to step down from his position as precinct chair. Okay.

I had a meeting with my junior supervisor scheduled for 7:30 and a staff meeting at 4pm so I  took the dog with me on my way out so I could drop him off at daycare.

The daycare was closed and the sign was gone. There was no notice on the building as to what happened. I checked the Facebook page and discovered they closed their doors  9/28 so they could re-open TBA at a new location too far away. They didn't notify their clientele in any way except if one of the teenagers who work there thought to mention it or if you are lucky enough to have Face Book think you need to see what they post. FB did not see clear for that for me.

I had to hurry the now broken-hearted dog back home and rush back to the office for my meeting with my junior supervisor - Who forgot to tell me that the meeting was postponed.

I did not have a great day.

I got home late after he staff meeting and had o then go to Wally to get the dog's meds. They still tried to over charge me and not honor the med card, siting a Corporate Policy that corporate has no idea about. The script was not ready and I had to go back later.

I gave them three scripts, one I needed, one I did  not need yet and did not ask for them to fill and a thrid that the doctor only wanted filled if the dog wasn't responding to Plan A.  When they finally came across with my meds they gave me three months of the meds I didn't want and didn't ask for and do not need and six pills of the med I asked for.

I called the pharmacy and the moran who answered said they didn't have the one med I asked for, but they hoped to get it soon. I paid a butt load of cash for three months worth of pills I didn't want and hopefully will not need. Rocket will never run out of  prozac. I however, will need more own prescription.

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