Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Wet Paint

I went upstairs to get clothes for work tomorrow and put another couple of coats of paint on the drawer fronts! I couldn't help myself.

I wasn't going to but I took a look at them and they looked like another coat wouldn't hurt and I was already up there and well... I didn't even have on my official painting outfit! It is oddly unsatisfying to have to be very careful while putting paint down, it's not that I am a sloppy painter, because I'm not, it's just that having to keep track of where the paint is really messes with my enjoyment. I want to concentrate on getting the paint on the surface and not where else it's getting. I would have enjoyed it much more in my little painting outfit. I did have my rubber loves so I wasn't completely without defences. Paint is tricky and sneaky and gets places its not supposed to be like floors and walls and the bottoms of your shoes and it plays hide and seek. It cheats too, does not play by the rules. Mean.

The drawer fronts are going to look dynamite though, maybe a little not perfect but you know, they aren't for sale and I am my customer and I am very, very sympathetic to the painter and her plight and the really, really tough circumstances she did the job under. So the "not perfect" is actually patina. The house is old, most of what I have now comes from craigslist or the side of the street - nothing is perfect. PATINA!

I'll get the insides of the drawers painted this week after the  by-God-final coat of paint is dry, finally, whenever that happens. I'll get the interiors painted,  and  probably put a second coat on the sides I already painted blue and they will look so nice! The paint will dry on the fronts and then I'll get the tape off and in a few days, put my clothes back in. When that job is done, I can move the other piece moved to where ever its going to go now that its pretty and I'll put my sweaters in there to live and then I'll clean the room up and I'll move back up there for the winter and bit by bit it will be
a new room.

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