Monday, October 26, 2015

Garden Update 10

I spent an entire weekend and I didn't paint anything! It was amazing, I hardly knew what to do with myself.

I figured it out. I also spent my first night back upstairs and it was great.

I knew it was time to end the season for the tomatoes and while they could have hung pn for a couple of more weeks but I don't think it would have really mattered, its now more about kind of beating the weather than squeezing a few more tomatos. This way, I could do it slowly and relatively carefully and do it in the warm. In other years I've had a better harvest and the plants were healthier and it made sense to wait until the last possible moment, but its a big job made larger if you are doing it in the cold. And with a poor harvest and sick plants it was just a good day to get it done.

The ripe looking fruits were mishapen and then eaten by someone and I didn't bother getting them off.

After I pulled out the tomaotes I looked around and saw a lot of things that needed to go, stuff I should have taen out a long time ago but the state of the garden did not motivate me to do much of anything with the area. I pulled out a lot of stuff.

There was a lot of stuff that needed to go and I've been in the mood to get things out. I'm much happier with the way the yard looks now. The peppers are still very peppy and producing like champs, I'm probably going to be out there in the snow pulling them out but I'll be okay with it because they have worked so hard and my harvest has been great.

I haven't been this happy with the garden since I got it planted in the spring.

After I took care of it I mowed the yard and made it all pretty.

Also? I bought my Silver Christmas Tree!

Its going be a groovy Christmas!

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