Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Lil Bub!

I just saw Lil Bub in person! or in "cat" as it was, it was so exciting! I think to order ticket when I saw the notice in the paper because who else would show up to see some random internet famous cat? Well, I should have put in for tickets when I saw the story in the paper at 5am because by the time I called that evening, it was sold out.

I was sad but the girl I spoke with said that I should still show up because they always have no-shows for these free events and I would probably get in. The day finally arrived and I got there early and there was almost no one there and I thought 1) Victory! I'm in! and 2) That it was kind of sad that no one else showed up.

3) College kids work on their own schedule. By the time it was supposed to be starting the whole damn university was standing in line. I was getting worried because the more it seemed I may not actually get in, the more I really, really needed to get it. It was becoming an imperative.

I waited and waited  and the line finally got moving and at long last I made it in! I got what seemed like a good seat but really was a bit challenging for taking pictures. I managed though.

It was so fun and I'm so excited I got to see Lil Bub and her Dude in person, they raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for care for special needs animals and increased research into animal health needs. I also got a  2016 calendar and some socks.

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