Monday, October 12, 2015

Making Progress

We have curtains!

Yay! Didn't my Mom do a great job? I think they look great and I can' wait to have the whole ensemble together. That means I really need to get moving on cleaning out the upstairs closet and stocking it with some of my winter clothes, finishing the dresser, getting it placed and re-stocked, getting the sweater closet placed and stocked and whipping the rest of the space into shape before I move up there for the winter.

It's going to be work!

I also need to pick out the pictures I want to get enlarged and then get moving on frames for them and getting them hung up. It won't be nearly as hard as downstairs so it should get done faster. It will be exciting to see my work up and framed and its really going to add to the Knotty Pine/Pine Cone theme I have up there. It's going to be very satisfying to have it all done, whenever it gets all done.

I watched Renovation Realities over the weekend and I feel much better about my  skills. I don't really have any but I'm not delusional enough to go around knocking down load bearing walls or  doing any large scale DIY electrical or plumbing either. I know my very limited limits. Yay me.

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