Tuesday, October 13, 2015


I tried to find my replacement Wally but I couldn't find it. How do you not find a Wally?!  Its there! I spoke with a thrid party who suggested it over my Wally, so I know I'm not dreaming it up, it exsisits, it was just not availble when I went looking for it today.

I did go back to my Wally and demand my scripts back. I can't have them back. I have to go to another pharmacy and have them request them. Whatever. I already called Target and told them why I was calling them and where I was coming from and they seemed very nice.

I will pay more at Target and it is not as convenient or close to my house, but I will not be getting my chronically ill pets meds at Wally or Sam's any more. Their loss. I filled Daisys' meds at Sam's for years, I filled Texs' meds there even before there was a Daisy. I don't understand how out of nowhere suddenly they aren't going to work with pets anymore. Assholes.

Happier thoughts. Tomorrow I'm calling the Board of Pharmacy on that dill hole pharmasist  at Wally.

Even Happier.

Three down, six to go. I'm going to do one row of drawers a night. I still need to find pulls for them, but every day I am getting closer and closer to getting the job done.


Yay for more tomaotes! I have to bring them in to ripen or they get eaten on the plant. The plants look wretched and when a few more fruits get ripe, I'm going to dispose of the plants and start thinking about next year. The peppers are still pepping along.

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