Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Wet Paint

I was going to paint the drawers over days but then I decided that I didn't love dealing with the clean up and didn't want  to have to deal with day after day if I really didn't need to. It's not fun, it's messy and there is no reason to do it over and over again when I could just do the job and get it finished sooner rather than later and save myself the repeated clean ups.

So I finished the painting! Its donzo! I do not see myself doing any additional painting unless I find something that needs an emergency touch up.

I didn't do the same job on the interiors of these drawers that I did on the drawers from the other piece.  This set was painted inside in less than ideal lighting and there is a clock ticking this time. The other drawers got painted  outside in lovely natural light and I was able to take my time doing it. I think the interiors even got two coats! and there was probably sanding involved and I bet it took me longer to do too.  But not this time. Wham, bam, thank you ma'm! Tip your waitress on the way out the door!

The dresser drawers got no such love. They got painted period. Its not the worlds best job but they didn't used to have paint on them and now they do, so job done. I'm the only one who is ever going to see it and while that is reason to do a very complete job, because I'm  Worth It,  I'm cool with it. If it becomes a real problem for whatever reason, I have pint left over and I can use that. I'm not foreseeing any problems though.

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