Thursday, October 15, 2015

Sell me something.

I did not get all I was going to get accomplished his evening. I did not give the upstairs the very stern talking to I was planning on, I didn't blanch the tomatoes and peppers that are standing by, waiting not very patiently, I did not vacuum anything. I did not get the screw out of my tire, I tried! I went to two different very nice chain tire repair places that only hire first time non-violent offenders and have TVs in the waiting rooms and clean bathrooms, and they wanted me to wait for two hours! I  don't have two hours!

Tomorrow I'm going to one of the low end tire repair dumps near me that employ career violent felons. No two hour wait bull shit in those places! In and out, no waiting room no TVs, no bathrooms.

I did go to the store and get my lunches for the rest of the week sorted, I got the dog more dry food and now I know what I'm having for dinner Thursday and I got the dishwasher emptied and my recycling recycled and the cat box cleaned out.

My second round of Christmas cards arrived and I am pleased.

I was very disappointed to find out that I am not the only Lil Bub fan in Raleigh! Who knew? I didn't call immediately because  I didn't think she was that famous.  She sold out a 400 seat venue! I mean! I knew she was not not well known, but come on! She isn't Grumpy Cat but she did have a TV Movie with Amy Sedaris and she does move merch because I have a tee shirt and a coffee mug... But dayum! I emailed the people and they told me to show up anyway, there are always no-shows. There better be! I'm going to see Lil Bub!

Its the whole zeitgeist thing. Years ago I went to an X-Files convention, I still own Mulder and Scully action figures. I'm a pop culture slave! Bring me your merch, I'll buy it, start a web site, I'll give you hits, I am your audience. Go Me. Sell me something.

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