Thursday, October 22, 2015


Not much or today, walked Dog. I walk dog just about every day, except if it's raining or I'm tired or I decide it doesn't "feel right" or I'm just lazy or it gets dark. Its pretty much about me.

But today I was walking along and like most days, all these people wanted to talk to the dog, pet him, ask questions about the breed, just love on him. They were all so happy to spend even a little time with him. We spoke with two DMV people and they just smiled and were so happy to visit with him.

Then we got downtown, we talked to several people on Fayetteville Street. Lots of friends along there, we talked to one guy - looked like he took a beating or hit the street the hard way. He had new wounds on his face and he looked ill. But he was thrilled to talk to the dog! Pet his ears, ran his hands over him, the guy was just so happy to have a few minutes with the dog.

Rocket, is going to sleep in a nice bed in a warm house, the poor guy isn't. But for a few minutes he was warm and happy and cuddled up with a puppy.

He was smiling and the dog was happy and everyone had their days brightened. I don't just walk the dog for me, I walk the dog for everyone who needs some pet therapy at the end of the day and I need to think about that when I don't want to deal with it. I don't always want to walk the dog but I should always walk the dog, someone out there really needs to visit with the dog and he isn't going to provide pet therapy downtown himself.  And to be honest? Some of these people he serves? I don't want coming around to the house. He brightens  and brings warmth into a few minutes of peoples days and a lot of then don't have a lot of brightness or warmth. Its not always about me.

 Have to say, this makes him look a little bit like a fascist uberdog, I'm not sure what Google was thinking here. 

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