Tuesday, November 3, 2015

DIY Hell

I have this very sexy, very blingy tree. It's gorgeous and looks like a stack of diamonds. Diamonds are gorgeous but they also can be cold, I decided I needed something to warm my blingy tree up.

I started to think about materials that are warm, materials that are available and materials that all ready come in decorations. My first stop was yarn and felt.

I am upping the level of difficulty here because I have a palette I want to kind of stick too as well and I'm kind of working on a vision for the whole thing too. There are a lot of yarny felty things out there that would just not do.

Enter the wide, sick world of DIY.

Have you ever gone to Pinterest? It is an evil, evil place where they lie - but they tell such pretty, decorative lies that you hardly notice you are being lied to. Everything there is gorgeous ostensibly, not that hard to do because there it is, done and with directions! Every craft project is fully explained. Lies all lies. But the photography is beautiful and the ideas are fantastic. All Lies.

But I saw all these really brilliant ideas! I saw gorgeous felt garlands that would be stunning on the tree, I saw DIY pompoms that would be perfect! The place in brimming with solutions and directions and how to videos! I spent a couple of hours there and came out with the idea that I Could Do It! I Could Do Anything! I just needed some yarn!

So I went to Micheals and bought some yarn! I even found the Perfect Yarn! If its not on the tree, it has to be somewhere in the house because it is exactly right for something, I'm just not sure what and whatever it is can only use one roll because that was all there was of it. I bought two rolls,  the Perfect Yarn and a secondary roll for practice.

So far, things are not going well. I tried to make pompoms and it didn't work out, its a lot harder than it looks in the videos. I tried finger weaving, which I am all ready good at but it is not s great garland because its very thin. I would have to get very thick yarn and I didn't think about that and I;m pretty sure really thick yarn is 1) expensive and 2) Not festive.

I understand finger weaving all ready though, understanding helps a lot. I thought that if  four fingers turn out too thin a product, how about ten? That would surely be much, much wider and a much better garland contender, right? I could use nails in stead of fingers and I could just weave it! I can do it on my own hand, how hard could it be on a not hand?

Hard. It turns out it was hard. It may be the height of the table or where the nails are or   something  because whatever it is, it was not easy and I could not make it work! I think I can make it work though because it shouldn't be a hard task. You would think. I would have thought. I have work to do.

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