Monday, November 2, 2015

Halloween Weekend

I hope you hade a good weekend! I had a great weekend!

Friday night Dogger and I went downtown and attened a doggy costume contest/party . We did not win, I didn't expect to, Rocket is a pure breed and he's large and he isn't a rescue. Small rescued mutts almost always win. Rocket has  good life, he doesn't need more accolades.

He looked terrific though and we heard many compliments about his costume and his general comportment. I was shocked that so many dogs couldn't climb stairs or walk a platform. My dog was a super model.

Here are the other competitors, sorry the pictures are not great, it was inside and flash would not have been appropriate as those dogs were freaked out all ready.

Saturday night we went to Oakwood to check out the Halloween house and do some people watching

Right from Halloween to Christmas. My new tree arrived and I "needed" to set it up and make sure it works. The lights were kind of a bear to get right but once I figured out where to plug what, it turned out beautifully. Christmas around here is going to be really, really sparkly.

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