Thursday, November 5, 2015

Drying out

A better, drier day. The very nice man came when he was scheduled, lit the pilot in a flash, hardly charged me anything and and left me plenty of time to walk the dog in the daylight. My basement smells like dead things now, but I'm sure as the space drys out the odor will diminish. Hopefully. Or there is a sizable population of dead things down there and I never knew until now. Wow.

I mean there could be, I don't spend much time peeking into the dark corners down there and I don't really want to know whats hanging around in the dark corners down there. Now the dark corner things I don't want to know about are both dead and damp! Super combination.

Or a single thing got down there and died, I could see a mouse or rat but the smell isn't decomp, its really more wet-ish. I don't know, I;m sure I'll have time to figure it out.  Its a new thing, the basement has flooded in the past but it doesn't normally have a smell to it.  I am hopeing that its actually old cat food that I put down there after Tex died.  Maybe I'm being haunted by the ghost of old cat food? It could happen, I would like it to happen because I don't want to have a mystery dead thing to contend with.

I'm keeping the basement door open and I have a fan running and it should dry out and get less smelly over time. Or something else will creep down there and die and I'll have a whole  gross circle of life thing going on down there,

Despite the ickiness, I'm in a better mood than I was yesterday post-flood. I had been in a good mood pre-flood because there is finally a Chinese takeout place  near by! Its not the greatest food, but its Chinese takeout! Down the street! I can have it any time! Its not the beef and green bean paradise that I used to eat lunch at, but I'll have to ask about the status of that dish. I did enjoy the beef and broccoli and they were very cool about not making me have rice with the meal. Lots of beef too!

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