Friday, November 6, 2015


It took me an embarrassingly long time to remember that I have a dehumidifier that lives in the basement and it is in the basement  so that it can help dry it out after a flood. It works a lot better than a  box fan. Its job isn't just to make the air move around a little bit, its job is to pull humidity from the air and in general make the environment more dry and less wet  Yup. Works like a charm once you turn it on.

It even smells less gross now.  A full two days later, only hours after I turned it on.

So smart.

I am hoping if I can dry out my little corner of the world it might send a hint to the greater world that it would really great if it would stop raining for just a while, it would be swell. Its been gray and over cast and damp for weeks and it's making me very tired. I don't really wake up any more. I just go from sleeping in my bed to sleeping on my feet. It does not make me a more efficient worker.

Right now I need to get the trash out to the curb, but it seems like such a big job to go and gather everything from around the house and then take the bin to the curb. It also feels like it must be very late at night because it feels like its been dark for hours.  It doesn't help that I've been so busy since I came home from work, it just feels like a very long day all ready and its not over yet

. I realized on my drive home that I forgot my phone at work, such a smart thing to do! So now I had to factor in going back to go back to the office into my evening so I could get my phone - but I couldn't do it right away because I would be burning daylight and I needed to walk the dog, in the day light if at all possible. So walked dog in the daylight. Came home, was tired form the rush walk. Watched a little TV and set out to go to Sams to pick up a prescription that also needed to get picked up today,  then went to the office on the way back before stopping at McDs because by now I was starving.

Came home and finished my meal and fed the dog. I'm so tired I can barely follow the plot to whatever cop show I am trying to watch. I'm DVRing three different show right now (Law and Order, Law and Order Criminal Intent, NYPD Blue) and unless I'm really paying attention they all start to run together. I think Lenny Brisco and Sipowicz would have been great together and they would have kicked that fidgety spaze Gorans' ass to the curb before the first commercial break. And as much of an asshole as David Caruso was, he was terrific as John Kelly, its too bad being an asshole was so much of who he was for so long. I've never been able to enjoy the other cop show he was on because the drab guy he played was such a wet blanket and was such a looser with the damned sunglasses. John Kelly didn't need props.


Once I did get up to take care of the garbage I knew I was then going to have take the recycling out and empty the dishwasher and fill the dishwasher and get my things ready for the morning and do all that kind of work. I'm glad I did it because I get really judgy about dirty dishes in the sink no matter how often and how long mine stay there, I think its trashy behavior, even if it is my behavior. Its like an unmade bed, it says something about you even if no one is there to say it.

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