Friday, November 13, 2015


I think they need to check the air quality in my office. Since we moved upstairs I've noticed that its a lot warmer but I think the warm air is bad for us. I think I'm getting some sort of brain cloud from it.

I vacuumed the yard yesterday, and then while I was working on one side of the yard, the friendly neighborhood yard man came over and air blew a lot of the leaves. The yard looked really good for about fifteen minutes, by this evening you couldn't even tell anything had been done, except that I picked up all the dog bombs Rocket left in the yard the week he refused to go into the soupy back yard. He was much more insulted by getting rained on in the back yard than the front yard, the rain in he front was less wet I guess. I mulched the leaves up good for the yard though, I hope next seasons weeds appreciate the gesture.

I think the weather is about the change, my head hurts and I'm really tired. It feels much letter than 8:30, it feels like an hour or so later, I just checked the time because I was afraid I had been messing around too long and it was actually like hours later. I have had a big day though. I went to an Christmas open house and before that I power walked the dog, ate dinner way too fast and ran out the door. It was less amazing that it has been in years past but I think I thought that last year too. They changed how they do the displays and its significantly less magical then it used to be. I want to be floored by the display and I just haven't been lately. And there wasn't any good snacks! If I'm going to leave my house and go out for something, at the very least, I want good snacks.

I've been using the dog as a pillow, its great! He's warm and squishy and he cuddles, but he also farts. Its a challenge.

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