Thursday, November 12, 2015


I was supposed to tell you that I was taking yesterday off, but I forgot, I took yesterday off because it was a day off  for state employee workers, so  I did. Now you know.

Rocket woke me up earlier than I had wanted to be awake because he needed to pee, he told me he needed to pee by starting to peeing. So we both got up and I took him outside to finish up. I did the whole cleaning up job and went back to bed because I could.

I  then slept too late, I should have gotten up with him hen he wanted to get up, and did chores and got some things done. Instead I slept very late, which I regret, and then I had cake for breakfast, which I do not regret.

Rocket and I needed to take advantage of the day off and the shockingly not rainy weather and so we went for a long walk on the green way . We saw lots of sunning turtles and a great blue heron.

I brought Rocket home and ate lunch,

I wanted to go downtown and go shopping in peace, its so busy down there on the weekends and First Fridays are crowd scenes and I wanted to shop without the pressure. Downtown stores haven't figured out that they need to have hours that go past 5pm, so I never get to go during the week.

The fact  I wanted to go walking downtown, without the dog, came as huge shock to the dog, who believes that I need him to accompany me everywhere - Which is fine if I want to walk past stores, which is very convenient if you want to window shop, not so much if you want to do actual shopping. I do not need supervision for that, or I do, actually, because of my bad choice making, its gift buying season and everything looks like I should gift it to someone. The dog does not help me make decisions about gift buying I ended up buying one thing - A dog shaped ornament. of course,

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