Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Wet little dog

Poor dog. All the doors have rain on the other side. He goes to the front door and it's raining, he goes to the back door and its raining, its raining on all the places he likes to pee.

He goes to the front door and I say "Okay, let's go out!"  and there is rain out there too! And he doesn't want to go out in it, and then he goes to the back door, and while the carport is there, he can't always use the carport to relieve himself. He looks very sad and he then has to talk himself into going into the rain to do what he has to do and he goes back and forth and tries to make himself think he really doesn't have to really go out there but he knows he has to go out there and so he tries to find the least wet place where the rain isn't falling as hard and there is no such place.

The poor guy just wants to go out and do his business and everywhere he goes he gets rained on. The back yard is especially wet and rainy and he doesn't like it at all. The front yard seems a little less rainy and he will go there if he really can't hold it anymore but its wet there too! Its so depressing for him, you can tell he feels really bad about the wetness. He has issues with water and everywhere he goes, there is all this water and it si aiming at him!

  He hates running water of all kinds and he is out there and its just pouring rain on his poor self. He goes out under the carport to pee, but it's wet there now too and he just looks so betrayed. It was raining earlier today too and I thought by now it would have stopped and he could go take a good poo in the yard without getting wet, but it wasn't to be, he had to hurry and you could tall it wasn't at all satisfactory.

And of course, I do not love the rain either and he keeps saying he needs to go out so we go out and he just wanders around under the carport and pokes his nose into the backyard, but all you can see there are puddles and he really doesn't like puddles and then he looks to the front yard but there is all this rain between him and the grass and when he gets to the grass, he gets rained on too. I think he would be happiest in a desert environment. Of course, I have to follow him on these tours and I really love getting wet too. So much fun. AT least its not too cold out, wet and cold would be really miserable.

It keeps raining though and I am going to teach him to use the cats box.

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