Monday, November 9, 2015


I threw up at work on Friday. Twice. Super end to a super week.

Saturday, I slept and recovered from what I am thinking was the 12 hour flu  - I spent my recovery doing some very low key shopping for my Christmas garland. I like having a garland on my tree, but new tree is made of garland, a store bought model isn't going to do it for me or it. I spent some time on Pinterest and saw an idea for a DIY garland that works for me because it does not require sewing and it not shiney - shiney being a problem with a tree that is one great big piece of bling, I need something matte in order for it to stand out.

Seeing a great idea and making the great idea reality is not the same thing. Its easy to look at pictures, not tos easy to make the thing yourself. This is the idea , and this is what it is supposed to look like

It doesn't look hard, it does look like it requires a lot of very big pom poms and they are expensive and not easy to find, many, many tiny pom poms? Everywhere. Bigger pom poms? Not so much, unless you want to make them yourself and I tried and failed. We'll see how this turns out. In the mean time, I bought supplies

I think I may need to get more pom poms.

I was more hands on with my other project, I did more dog cookies, one batch of peanut butter and one more of cheese. I'm going to do turkey gravy next and then more peanut butter. I'm going to try to not go crazy with the varieties this year because it gets me crazy and I don't think the dogs care that much, the people may or may not understand they are different flavors, so why make eleventyteen different kinds? Doesn't make sense really.

On the right, cheese, on the left peanut butter. They are just settling into their long nap in a slowly cooling oven. By morning they will be ready to go into the freezer to rest until they are ready to be sent off to their new homes.

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