Monday, November 30, 2015


Welcome back! I hope hat we all enjoyed our feasts and our families/friends! I hope you all spent Friday shopping big and your Saturday shopping small. I burned all the calories from the meal spending  a lot of money between my big and small shopping.

I also bought my brothers birthday cake while shopping small.

And then I came home and got to work! Thanks to Alphagal, I have been making puff balls since Friday evening. I have at present 108 puff balls in three sizes - small, medium and a few large - to large for my garland, but impressively sized and good candidates to become tree ornaments . All puff balls would make good ornaments and I am surprised someone isn't selling them. They would be ideal,  the right shape, variable sizes, easily storable, unbreakable and easy to make and they could be cheap to produce.

I have learned the difference between cheap and better yarns. Cheap yarn knots and tangles left, right and center-  but you get a lot of it, while better yarn resists tangles and knots but there is less of it. Its a toss up. I have gone through so much yarn, all the yarn. I'm going to develope a yarn allergy before I'm done. I have a blister! and I am going to keep going! I can not be stopped!

Between the two types I have three sizes of puffs! many, many, many puffs. At present I have 108 and counting. I have no idea how many more I need  to make and in addition, I also have the small, sad puff balls I bought at the store as well. They are small and sad and I don't like them anymore but they will get used, at least the larger ones. The little ones aren't going to see the Christmas lights.

I also did the laundry and made two more batches of dog cookies. I still need at least two more but that is doable. Next up is putting together the garland, doing the Christmas cards, getting together the dog cookies, doing the indoor and outdoor decos and putting the tree up.

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