Tuesday, December 1, 2015

More Work

Finished Part 1 of Project Puff Ball! 120 puffs! 60 larger puffs and 60 smaller.  I was going to start getting them strung when I discovered that I left the straws and the sewing notions at Broskey and Alphagals over the weekend. Actual, real life instance of cursing about being foiled again.

However. Puff making is finished but I still have yarn left if I need to make more and I am thinking of making more as Christmas gifts for the people at work. I think the puffs, when properly trimmed, look like ornaments. Ta da! Maybe I;ll look for metallic-y yarn .

 I will do this after I have made my last dog cookies,got the cookies boxed up, addressed, and taken to the post office,  constructed the garland, got the tree up, decorated the tree,   got the cookies boxed up, addressed, and take to the post office, got the cards addressed, taken care of and sent out and put up the outdoor decos. So maybe in the interest of my mental health, I'll make everyone at work yarn balls next year.

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