Wednesday, December 2, 2015

How I spent my Tuesday Night

Stringing 13 feet and counting . This is the second try, I learned very fast that thread was not a good medium to string things as heavy as yarn balls, bad idea . Using yarn to string yarn balls, good idea.  I have also learned that puff balls eat straws and if your straw is too long you can't really string it, it has to be fairly short - which ends up getting eaten by the puff balls. I also learned that you really need to thread the puffs firmly or they escape. This is not fun.  It is however more fun to create the garland than it is to make the puff balls. I'm pretty sure to create the best garland though, I am going to have to make more puff balls.

Progress is being made. Tomorrow night I might put up the tree just to have it up.

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