Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Yay for Tuesday!

I got Garland 1 finished. I bought the thickest most festive holidayesque looking yarn I could find and I brought it home with the idea of finger weaving my way to a garland - I started with the traditional four-finger pattern, but for some reason that lead to the yarn snapping left right and center, it also made for a very thick garland, which I wanted but it went through yarn like an RV goes through gas. It was not a good idea.

I really wanted to so something with the yard though! It was very hard to find a thick yarn that wasn't the color of dust or dirt or wet snow. Lots of grays and tans and browns that blend well with everything except Christmas Trees!  The Super!Happy!Yay!Christmas! yarn I was looking for was not sold at Michaels, what was sold was a bright pattern that is supposed to be used to knit socks or slippers, it's garish and not really the brand of festive that I went to the store for or had in mind, but, it is bright and it would look nice on a blingy tree.

I changed course and went with the two finger version, and that one worked out, it still went through three skeins of yarn, but I ended up with a reasonable length of garland, that I am hoping is thick enough to read as "garland", I didn't measure it and I'm not sure how much garland makes up a tree's worth. I think I have enough to at the very least, decorate the tree a bit.

Garland 2 is going to be distinctly different and harder but hopefully, longer. Its going to be made of pompoms and paper straws and thread. I need to figure out a good pattern for the poms and the straw so that I can spread them both out. I may end up having to get more pompoms. I wanted to make pompoms but that proved to be too much work and it required some talent.

I'm pretty sure that to be successful at a craft project the craft project can not require a great deal of skill or dedication. I need more or less instant gratification when it comes to my hit and miss craft project phases, if its too much work or it requires some skill set that I gawd forbid, will have to learn - its not going to happen. My best craft skill is turning on the TV and watching other people do crafts or looking at web sites at pictures of other peoples crafts.

Today I also went along with my demographic and pre- bought Adele's new album. I was going to say that they can market to everyone else and leave me out  their reindeer games thank you very much, but I really like Hello. although it was an acquired taste, I had to hear it quite a few times before I liked it, but, sometimes you just have to allow marketing to work and just let it wash over you. I figured I would get it eventually, I might as well just get it over with. Sigh.

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