Monday, December 28, 2015

Deep Thoughts

I have bought my cat three cat beds of increasing levels of comfort and quality. he still prefers to sleep on my lap top.  The next cat bed is going to be a trapper keeper with Kilo Rens' picture on it.

Somewhere there is a list of Ways To Be Efficient, it probably has a entry called "Do Not Put Solitaire On Your Phone". Pretty sure it is not a good idea. Too late.

I saw The Force Awakens again and want to see it a third time. I'm pretty sure this time things will be different.

I bought a Rey action figure. Die Cast. It was not the spoiler version, that one was sold out. The store apologized to me because of this, I felt mildly insulted that they thought I was that much of a geek. Did geek out that whoever handles the Twitter presence of the actor that plays "Finn" followed me on twitter after I posted a picture of my toy.

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