Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Doggie Denistry

I noticed little dog was slobbering a bit and was a little less then totally into his food. I also thought he might have a head cold. He probably did have a head cold or allergies, he gets allergic in the spring and its been spring for weeks. He's fine now. The stuffy head cleared up but the drool and the food left in his bowl stayed put. I looked a little closer and found a bad tooth. How bad? Bad enough to call the vet to give him a heads up and the office said he needs to see him nowish.

So, we went in, the vet took a look at his teeth and gums and started drawing me pictures. This is never a good sign and the pictures were not of happy dogs. He needs actual surgery! Periodontal surgery! Apparently they can't just pull it out! its a whole thing! They don't make doggy dental chairs? I mean, I've had teeth pulled and it wasn't a big deal, in, out, done. I had a root canal and went back to work. With people it isn't a big deal, with dogs their teeth and dealing with their teeth is big deal. Graphic images ahead: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Pulling Pets teeth 

Its like an all day thing. He has to go in get anesthetized, and then the surgery to get the top part of the tooth separated from the bottom part of the tooth and then they do some complicated gum peeling procedure to get to the root of the tooth out of the jaw that sounds ghastly and then stitches, its a whole day horror show. My little dog!

It also makes me very u happy that when the vet pulled Texs' tooth years ago, she just yanked it out of his jaw! Like it was nothing! It wasn't nothing! No wonder he hated all vets after that! It was freaking painful and awful for him. It was cheaper than doing it properly. but dayum. Not cool.

I gathered up all Rockets beloved hard toys and made them disappear. He loves those toys! He is going to be so sad to not find them anymore. I mean  not right now, he won't really notice because h's has been avoiding them because he's a smart guy and sees cause and effect clearly, those things, one of those things hurt him and he doesn't like how it feels right now, but once his mouth doesn't hurt, he's going to forgive the hard toys and want to give them another chance. Too damn bad, from now on if it doesn't squeak or hit the ground bouncing, he can't have it. He's on a Program now. 12 Stepping away from the antlers and bones and anything else he can't bite through. Poor dog! Much, much poorer me.

Mostly because I had to go buy soft food for him to eat because his mouth hurts. I bought some refrigerated stuff that looks a lot like the canned pate' style stuff that doesn't need to be refrigerated. It looks like a roll of baloney in the deli. I got him two of those, some eggs and some cheese. He's going to eat better now than he ever did before, going back to kibble is going to be a let down.

I can't put enough on this : If You Have a pet, Get Pet Insurance! It costs, but it pays for itself when you need it,  Get Pet Insurance!!!!!

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