Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Cat Box

This weekend I officially unveiled the cats new joint cat box, the very fancy Omega Paw Roll n' Clean Self Cleaning Litter Box!

I thought that it would be nice for the cats to have something that was theirs, instead of something that was clearly and solely Aces'. So I did a lot of online shopping for cat boxes. It was very exciting and you would be shocked and possibly horrified by the sheer number and breadth of feild of cat boxes out there. So many.

I settled on one style that I thought would be both large enough for two animals and have a lid - lids are important for both cats, they are kickers.

It comes in two sizes and I got the larger one, it is quite large - not as large as some I found though, some are the size of a small one bedroom apartment and would be really in the way and use a lot of dust. I guess they are for people with herds of cats. I think the one I got to take care of a gang of cats.

This box does tricks! It can clean itself out! Its a non-cat scaring semi-automatic cleaning cat box!

I discovered that it is a little heavy and not as weldy as I might have thought it was. I had to do the whole thing twice before it was fully cleaned out, but once it was cleaned out, it did exactly as it was supposed to do. It is large and heavy and you need a bit of space to full turn the thing over and you really have to have the thing snapped together fully to keep it from leaking, that can be hard because its just cheap plastic and you have to force the bits together pretty forcefully to make them lock into place the way they are supposed to.

However, it did work as advertised, so score.

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