Wednesday, January 27, 2016


What I did instead of write an entry

I went out and picked up my newly framed art!!! I did not notice when I was picked out the mats that they were so close in color - they arenot the same color, by-the-way. The puffer fish is a deep teal green  and the fox is kind of a dark teal blue. Trust me. It is not lost on me that I expended much energy and time and money to rid the space of green and then I bring it back in.  Sigh,

The smaller piece in the front is a vintage bark painting from Mexico, I got it for $6 because the frame was for shite and it was sun damaged, but still, it looks nice,

The fox print is going in the dinning room and the puffer is going to stay in he living room over the mantel, The smaller one is going to go on the floating shelves that will get put up in the livingroom. I have a lot of smallish prints that I want to display but there are too many to hang on the walls without it looking messy. With the floating shelves I can easily take art in and out of rotation and keep things moving and fresh.

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