Thursday, January 28, 2016

Little things.

I am falling for my new cat box. Its wrong, I know its not right, I shouldn't clean out the box because I want to see the thing do its "trick". Its very good at what it does. Very slick, for a cat box.

You just tip it back and forth and it cleans itself and I don't have to touch it at all! I just throw away what I find conveniently in the little tray and I dump it in the trash and then its all taken care of until the next time I want to run it through its paces.

I'm getting better at it, I wasn't very good at the first couple of times, a little sloppy, I had to go back and re-do it to get all of whatever caught in the trap, it took some practice but it was worth it to get good at it. I have two cats now, I have plenty of opportunities to practice my mad bin dumping skilz.

I've learned that size does matter, little kitty makes little things, big kitty makes big things. I know you care about this, I know I care about this more than you do, LT has a tummy condition and I do have to keep an eye on his things. I do have some concerns in that way, but I think we do have progress. I hope. I have given him his pills twice a day and sprinkling his probiotic powder on his special tummy food. Have you ever  tried to pill a tiny cat? Its not as bad as they say, but its not as easy as pilling an elderly cat like Tex - who was the last cat I pilled, he was really good at being pilled, almost eight years ago -  he never fought me much after a while, he was really kind of okay with it after a a year or so, as I remember, but a year is  long time to get used to it. I'm sure it wasn't fun in the beginning. I hope that we don't get really good at it.

If you haven't pilled a cat that is not okay with it, let me share with you : Its not fun, that might come as a shock to you. Kitties are so much fun and so furry and fluffy! In real life? They are sharp and pointy and they bite and  they have very sharp claws and they have no bones at all! Nothing to grip! Nothing to grip at all! And  not in a not cute way either! In a Let me go! I will get away! I will escape at all costs! way - I even clip his claws on the regular because I don't want to get punctured twice a day and to get him used to being held and worked on. I need him to be okay with his claws being clipped. He is easier to clip than to pill. He is really, really fortunate to be so cute and floofy and small.

So small that he just got lost under the bed and cried to be rescued. Two whole inches from freedom.

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