Friday, January 29, 2016

Should all states with Republican Governors be worried about their water quality? Is poisoning the water a trend?

What I did today instead of writing an entry:

1. Let the dog talk me into a nap after work instead of going for a healthy, bracing walk in the cold and rain.

2. Went to Target to buy food for the poor, half starved dog.

3. Also picked up more food for Little Kitty. He already has  nice food but he needs Kitten Food  to help bulk him up! He still weighs next to nothing and I think he needs a little padding to help him grow and get passed his GI problems. Kittens are cute, kitten bones are just sad,

4. Went to KFC because I was craving fried chicken, couldn't be helped.

5. Watched my DVR.

5.5. Had a fashion crises over the appropriateness taking the trash out in leggings and a sweater while neighbor is having a bible study.

5.9.  Decided that I should wear sweat pants.

6. Took the trash out.

7. Prayed for snow because picking out clothes to wear to work on Friday made me tired.

7.5. Wondered about the led content in my water supply due to Republican in the Governor's mansion.

8. The water on Dix campus is an odd color. Should I panic?

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