Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Done and done and starting

Well. Christmas is over. The tree is stripped and bagged. The ornaments are all boxed up and in the attic. The outdoor stuff has been addressed and the damn fire ants have been poisoned. I went up and down the stairs about a dozen times and got the lot as organized as possible.

My Santas are all back in the little houses and the dining room is back to old self. The yard is back to normal and normal is very dark. It looks sad to me. I also learned one of my porch lights is burned out and for some reason my entry way light doesn't' work any more. I checked the fuse box and everything,  no sign of issues at all. I don't know. It just makes everything seem darker and less warm.

It turns out to be a lot more stuff than I had imagined. I thought I had downsized dramatically and the whole thing would be fast and tidy. It wasn't! It was many boxes and they were heavy boxes! It was not nearly what I thought I was working with when it was all over the house, it seemed very not what it ended up being. I have zero self control.

The whole place is kind of sad now. I am focusing on how nice it is to be able to open and close my curtains! Wow! Its been so hard with the tree in the way! And so much floor space! I can't get over how big my living room is now! I mean wow! Its like living in a different house, a much less blingy house, with fewer Santas.

Another positive?

Mine . In a couple of weeks when he gets over a touch of kitty stomach flu. He's still going to lean, so I'm good. He might be named LT, for "leaning tower", right now he's called "Pisa".

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