Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Victims of Circumstance

The strain is starting to show. Its day six of ten of No Chewing/No Chew Toys and its  been a very long slog for poor dog.

He spent one night pining outside the bedroom door where his toys are being held. He would stand there and come back into the room and gaze at me balefully. He's really good at baleful. He's moved on from there and he is moving though the doggy stages of grief .

Tonight he's getting his anger one. He keeps making me go outside with him so he can stalk around the yard and mutter under his breath. Over and over! Its cold outside!

Speaking of it being cold outside. We took our walk and we were well on our way back and I noticed that I was missing one of my gloves, under normal glovcumstance, I would just chalk it up as a loss and go home and dig through my vault of single black gloves.

However. These are gray, they match my coat! How often do you see gray expando gloves? You don't! You see many other less tasteful colors but you almost never see gray. I had to go on a recovery mission. So I had to retrace about half my steps and own that I really couldn't remember exactly how I had gotten from point A to point B. I also learned there is a lot of trash in the streets and most of it looks like a single orphan glove. Fun!

In the cold, while carting around the cats new and improved for 2016 cat food. I decided that I feed the dog some very high quality dog food and at the same time I feed the cat actual crap. It wasn't fair and I decided that the new year would be a good time to make the change. My poor little kitty cat! I have neglected his diet and his health and that is wrong, he's seven now and he's into middle age and its time to tighten up and get healthy and start being serious. I might even find some sort of cat fitbit and an exercise program.

New Kitty is going to start right and stay right. Quote me.

PS. I found my glove.

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