Thursday, January 14, 2016


In the hopes that little kitty will be ready to come home soon, I started getting his room ready for him. Having never had more than one cat at a time, I did some research as to how you go about introducing cat 1 to cat 2.

Its a process . The Cat Guy, Jackson Galaxy went into great detail about how to successfully introduce two cats. Its incredibly time consuming and  yet did not include how to do this intricate dance of cat psychology while also sharing the space with a dog.

I did get the downstairs bedroom cleaned up and I brought some disused cat toys from upstairs down to the room for New Kitty to play with when he gets here. When he gets here. Lets all think healing thoughts about young kitty's and  adoptakitty center induced stomach troubles and the timely healing up of same. Amen.

I think kitty would recover much faster if he could be in his forever home with his new people and animal friends. Just saying,

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