Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Post New Years Ideas

Have you ever thought that fewer women and girls are diagnosed with ADHD because as a gender, a certain amount of mania is lauded behavior? What woman or girl have you ever known that is not constantly busy working on something or multiple somethings? Working on  two projects and reading an article and  a third of a the way through two books and doing a craft project and checking her email and making dinner and carrying on at least two conversations, simultaneously? And if she isn't super active and doing everything all at once she must be depressed?

We're not hyperactive, we're just have a lot we need to get done.

When men or boys are that busy and that active and that scattered, there is clearly something going on and they should talk to someone about it.

Just a thought I had.

Today I also learned that the dog is not as keenly interested maintaining warm ears as I am in him having warm ears. He's somewhat interested but not hugely so. He did wear that hat on our shortened walk though.

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