Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Garden 2016

Rocket went back to doggie daycare today for the first time since the middle of September. It's a lot further away from work than it used to be, I wish it was closer because I really like the people and Rocket always has a great time when he's there and he has nothing but energy to burn and they let him burn like a fire cracker. They had to move and we can't always get what we want.

The owner told me that he had to court with the owner because he was being forced out. The owner wants to put a  bar/restaurant there and is going to tear down the storefront Church next door to make a parking lot. It's not a street that gets a lot of foot traffic and Raleigh doesn't really need another bar/restaurant. It's a shame. I wish the daycare guy had a better lawyer.

The new location is just too far away from work for regular use. I did discover a good route there this morning, so that's good, and on the way back, its only eleven minutes back to my house. I thinks its more like fifteen to get there and its ten minutes from work.  It's the round trip that's a stumbling block, it would be ten out there and ten there and then ten back, that's a half hour invested in what used to be tops, fifteen minutes, and that's with visiting with the staff.

SO now its going to be a twice a month treat for the dog and for me because I really like not having to go home and eat yogurt and protein bars every day.

Today at lunch instead of just playing with my phone at Burger King, I read seed catalogs. I am going to need a bigger garden. I want to grow so many things!  I want to plant cauliflower because I discovered I like it, even though it doesn't really taste like anything . I'm going to plant tomatoes like every year but this year I want to try a new one called Madame Marmande, because it looks pretty, and I really want to grow green beans again, even though I have not so much luck with them - maybe I'll buy the "bean stimulant" I see in the catalogues. I want to grow leeks! and  a variety of spaghetti squash  called "vegetable spaghetti" and I think it would be neat to grow celery root! The catalogues were full of wonderful ideas! I looked through three today and I know there are more on the way.

And of course, peppers. Lots of peppers. I'm still pulling them off my plants from last summer. although I think the insta-winter we are experiencing now is going to kill the plants for the season. Its fine though, they have really done their job and its getting to be time to get them out of the ground and let the soil rest and rebuild.

Oh. I might be getting another cat.

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