Friday, February 26, 2016

Buying New Cat Food

Today was Day 3 and  CVS hasn't gotten back with me as promised. Pity. Tomorrow, I get with them.

Not much to report. I mean, like really. I have nothing to report. Today on our walk, the dog and I went to my friendly neighborhood  boutique pet supply store and talked cat food with the folks there. They know a lot about cat food, they curate their cat food selection very carefully. I didn't know there was that much to know about cat food but apparently, there is an entire world of cat food knowledge out there if you go looking for it.

I learned from them that the expensive, vet ordered cat food I have been feeding is full of grain and sadness. It is helping get Little right, but its made of very expensive sawdust and he can't stay on it. Mostly because its very expensive and its sawdust, and I can't afford to keep him on very expensive sawdust indefinitely. On the upside, and in its defence, both cats really like it.

Its not really good for them though in the long run, I don't really want them eating sadness or sawdust! I could buy them very cheap sawdust if I wanted to feed them sawdust! I picked one brand out that the store people seemed excited about, I think they like it because its expensive. I like it because I liked the package. I came home and did a little research and found another brand that they also carry that might be a better choice, I'm going to go in tomorrow and get a small bag of it so I can start mixing it with the current food. I may also go to a bigger boutique to see what other cat food I can be confused by.

All of them make you feel like a cat abuser for even thinking about standard grocery store cat food. If you go to a cat food review site, they have star ratings and they are very clear about their preferences and what is and is not good enough for your cat - if you actually love them.

Feed them whatever you want, but if you are feeding your cat a one star food?  Hate yourself.

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