Thursday, February 25, 2016


Well. So far, so good. The roof is still where its supposed to be. The basement is a little damp but, its mostly dry and I did make a heroic trip out into the driving rain to clean out the drain at the bottom of the stairs and that was fun. It was a real blessing that the standing water was really cold and I couldn't feel what I was digging out of the subterranean pit. Yay!

Also, I need new rain boots. Mine leak.

I tried to take the dog for a walk  after work but it rained very hard very briefly and I went home. When I got home, I thought it would be better to not bother my refrigerator or freezer in case we lost power, so I walked to KFC, where I discovered that my credit card hadn't made the walk with me. So I walked back in the rain and then drove back to the KFC and got my dinner.

Once home. my phone  demanded and the house alarm insisted that I  Take Cover Now. I ate my dinner sitting on the toilet while little kitty and Rocket tried to steal my food. It was not nearly as charming as it sounds.

Twenty minutes later, I noticed the roof had not been torn off  and the power was on and I was not enjoying myself . The animals did not think that being in the bathroom together was really something that they wanted to spend a lot of time experiencing.  I don't think they really were as concerned about the storm or the potential for tornadoes as I was. Rocket was really afraid that I was going to force him to take a bath. The cats were just kind of confused. And bored.   I felt good about leaving cover because I wasn't all that worried anymore, in Texas we had storms like this all the time!  We called a storm like this "Tuesday".

Wake County closed the schools early because of the threat of a thunder storm. For real.

CVS did not call me today. Day 3.

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