Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Had a problem, the problem was corrected.

On Target Facebook page

I moved my prescriptions to Target after a bad experience with Walmart pharmacy. I was thrilled with the excellent customer service and prices at Target pharmacy, I was very pleased with how great the whole process was - at Walmart just picking up a prescription was a nightmare. Target Pharmacy and their terrific staff were a breath of fresh air. 
And then CVS took over. A med that last month cost $36 was this month $268. When I called CVS customer service they told me it would take three days to get even a phone call back. This is not good enough, I wasn't complaining about the cost of shampoo, this was a medication! Three days is too long to wait for a resolution.
I had to go through the hassle of moving my prescriptions to yet another pharmacy,a Target competitor. The ongoing labor problems were a red flag and now that corporate Target would partner with a group so clearly not interested and uninvested in maintaining the same high level customer service that Target embraces, is disappointing and tells me a lot about Target .

You will notice that I kept it positive,  and then segued seamlessly  to "disappointed" - completely skipping over "furious" and "outraged" while not involving any profanity! I am very proud of my communication skills. I did call them again today and I did make the operator cry, but that was then, I've grown, I've matured since then. And she deserved it.

The Target/CVS pharmacy competitor I went to, honored my GoodRX card and sold me my script for $47. When I told them that CVS wanted to charge me $268 fir the exact same script, the clerk was aghast.

From Targets Facebook response-bot:

Hi Diana - We cherish the feedback that you've taken the time to share with us. It sounds like you haven't been satisfied with our pharmacy recently. Because we're committed to improving, your comments on this have been shared with the appropriate teams for their review. We hope that you have a good night! - Mario

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