Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Problem solved.

It was raining as I left work. I was secretly happy that I wasn't going to have t walk the dog, we walked a lot of the weekend and now I am tried and I think the dog is too. A break would be welcome.

Instead of walking, I picked up the dog and we went to Target to pick up his meds. We had one day remaining and I really needed to get his refill, because  an adequately medicated Rocket is a happy Rocket. I like  a happy dog. I do not like a freaked out, miserable dog that destroys doors and eats futons and removes metal blinds. I do not like this kind of dog.

So off to Target we go! Wheee! Its raining but its okay! I walk into Target and immediately see a rabbit figurine that I need, it is $3, I do most certainly need this rabbit figurine. I go to the pharmacy, the lovely, well stocked, fully staffed, no line having pharmacy I was just thinking what  nice experience  it is to do business with them. I walk up to the counter, give the clerk my name and pull out my card. The clerk asks me how much I paid for the script last month... This is a bad question, if the pharmacy clerk ever asks you how much you paid last month as they are carefully sliding the bag towards you, brace yourself. Something bad is going to happen.

Something Bad Happened. Last month I paid somewhere between $28-$40, I don't remember. It was more than I paid for a few months at Wally. but Target pharmacy was supposed to be my new home for dogs meds and I was willing to pay the price difference to get the much higher level of customer service.

Did you know CVS bought out Target pharmacy? They run it now. Things are different now. My script today, if I had paid for it was $268! No level of customer service is worth that kind of price increase!

It was explained to me by the very embarrassed clerk that I had been buying it with the aid of a Target Customer Discount Card, but their new corporate Over Lords are not in favor or such frivolous customer centered nonsense! CVS won't let customers buying a certain class of much needed psych meds use the card because, I am assuming, The War On Drugs will be lost! Lost! If  all their clients they could continue to get the same level of sterling customer service. Some clients do not deserve service. Some clients money  and good will is not needed or wanted. I was shocked and the clerk was really looked liked she wanted to crawl under the counter in shame. I left the store without the dogs much needed med or the rabbit figurine, and got on the phone to the Vet School for help, they were helpful, concerned and equally horrified. The docs were gone for the day but the service took a detailed message and I trust they will be back to me Tuesday ASAP. Good folks them.

After I got off the phone with them, I got on the phone with CVS. I explained, keeping my tone positive and forgiving, that I was feeling miss used as a client and I really hoped that CVS could correct this error quickly, and I could get my meds. A super visor will get back to me IN THREE DAYS. I need the meds today.

CVS taking over Target Pharmacy is going to run Target pharmacy out of business, I would imagine that this was the point. The CVS takeover is a huge loss for Target customers.

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