Monday, February 1, 2016

Litter Letter.

After much research on cat boxes, I bought your large litter box for my two cats. I bought it through Amazon, and it arrived, I put it together as instructed and it worked beautifully for two weeks  and I was a big fan - but then it began to warp and the seam of the grid where it locks into the bin developed a tear, and then the tabs no longer locked into place and got loose, and because the tabs no longer locked, it leaked litter wildly, and  it no longer collected the waste. it was great while it worked, but once it started to get used , it stopped working as promised. I really liked it when it worked but now I am going to have to go back to a cat box where the litter stays inside. I don't know if I got a lemon or if they all end up this way after they get used.

This was not a cheap litter box and I had hoped that it would work for longer than a couple of weeks. Is this the normal lifespan for your litter box?

And no, I am not using too much litter.

Please let me know if there is any way to solve these issues with my litter box, maybe I got a defective model. I would be willing to try the product again.

Diana Romaine

I forgot I did this. Saturday morning I went to clean out the cat box and as I was rolling it over, I noticed berm of litter had formed behind it. I was a little shocked. I began to examine the tabs and noticed that they had loosened and they resisted getting snapped back into place. The whole contraption had warped! and when I took it apart I saw that the magic aste sifting screen had developed a tar along the seam where it meets the flange that connects it to the bin. When I did the flip and roll, the litter wasn't being properly screened and all of it was ending up in the collection sleeve.

This is very unhappy making. I removed the screen and spread out the litter and the box still functions well as a traditional litter box, but I could have paid less and still got a covered litter box. Now I paid $15 more than I would have and all I have to show for it is a larger than average box.

I hope they get back to me and either give me my money back or send me a new one in either case, I see me having to send the used box back, which entails a lot of boxing and taping and going to the post office, and just the thought of all that is completely energy sapping,

And disappointing! I was so excited by it! It was so easy to clean and tidy and fast. Sigh. Back to basics.

Has anyone noticed that there is nothing on TV sunday nights? All I've been able to find is Barnwwod Builders, which should be called The Most Manly-ist Men who ever Manned. They tear down old barns and reuse the beams to build new things. With their teeth. So butch.

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