Wednesday, February 3, 2016

The computer was wonky

Yesturday my computer was being weird or was being weird or something so I  couldn't write and entry. I had a weird day. I went to Wally and spent more on the animals than I did myself, surprise, that has never happened before. But this time I went shopping for freaking appliances!

Rocket learned a new skill and not one I can feature on Instagram,  and as much as I like scrolling through  Dog Shaming, I do not like not being able to turn my back  because someone could be getting into the trash. So instead of spending the time  and money for  to help my dog develop the tools he needs to resist, I'm sure there is a class out there tailored to just that, but I went to Wally instead.

Darth Trash Can

It wasn't cheap, even from Wally, but it is certainly worth my peace of mind. Its very nice, the lid closes slowly and it fits regular trash bags. I should have tried to find a way to secure the door or whatever but it was all just a way to not just buy a bin  with a lid. A short trip to a quick fix. He was just getting into the trash at will! The door was no even trying to act right! It was just saying Hey, what up dawg! and they were having all kinds of interaction I do not approve of. I think they might have started up a gang and were trying to make the cats join. I do not need gang affiliated cats.

I like it, its a nice trash can. I was going to replace my other can anyway because it was needing it anyway, The new one I have now is nicer than I would have gotten without the dogs interference, because you don't need nice trash cans when your dog is well behaved enough to not get into it. The Don't Get Into The Trash Can class lasts six weeks and runs  $136, the can with a lid was a forty minute trip to Wally and ran me $44.

After I spent a good twenty minutes over thinking my trash can choices, I went to look for a humidifier for Aces stuffy nose. They had them in two different places and so that gave me the opportunity to over think my choices in two different locations! I started off in the baby section, where I found a cute choice. I like cute. They have really made great strides ventilator  technology! In fact, when you look up "ventilator vs humidifiers" , you mostly get a lot of articles about the ins and outs of hospital grade vents, like they put people on who can literally not breath on their own.  For household use they are now referred to as "humidifiers".

They have humidifiers for every day use and they have them for use when you are ill. They are the same item. One is in the baby section and the other is in the first aid section. The cute ones are in the baby section.

The one I got for Ace is both cute and goes with my decorating scheme! Score!

Speaking of Ace's health. I took him to the real vet, for the first time in maybe, six years. He went when he was a very small for drippy eye and then a couple of years later for a minor joint problem with his knees. Now he has a cold. He does have some congestion, but its up high in his chest and he does have a sore eye, but nothing too serious. The vet drew blood, so we're not out of the woods yet, but he liked what he saw on his physical exam . I have some cream for his eye and the vet gave him a strong antibiotic shot for his respiratory problem. While we were in the office he also gave him his three year vaccinations.

I like buying them toys better.

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