Monday, February 15, 2016


Call me Domestic Goddess. I did laundry, so much laundry! Vacuumed the living room, cleaned off the top of the upstairs dresser, washed all the bedding including the bed spread and remade the bed, put all the laundry away, did all the dishes twice and made a fab pork tenderloin for Sunday dinner.

The little kitty wants to say "Hi".

Saturday night I did the shopping for the week and topped it off by going to Target and getting some Santa PJS for 80% off. But that was it! I went to Target and all I walked away with was some clearance pajamas. Then I went to Kohls and walked out with nothing! I was very strong and all the clearance stuff there was tacky.

Should I buy a new blender if I  only use it once a year? The old one is a hand me down that was old when I got it and only got older and now a seal or something tore and it won't seal or lock into the base anymore and so its not really usable any longer. They aren't real pricey wither, I was shocked. I never bought one before and I was under the impression they were more expensive - and they can be, if you want a fancy model - that I do not want. I want exactly what I have now but that still works and was manufactured this century. Do I want to buy a used blender?

Earlier Saturday, the dog and I braved the below-freezing weather and went downtown and caught the last hour or so of a Voting Rights protest ( it started at 8:30am and there was no way that I was getting out of my warm bed to go downtown and freeze, even for The Cause, sorry I'm a bad liberal), I was late but not too late to hear Andrew Goldmans' brother speak - Goldman of the Chaney, Goldman, Schwerner that the Klan killed in Mississippi because they had the nerve to register black people to vote. He was a great speaker and I am really happy and honored I got to hear him speak. He was followed by a really the really fire breathing preacher that heads the Moral Monday movement. He keeps getting arrested for being black and loud and being outraged.  North Carolina also doesn't want black people to vote and would prefer that they not register. Outrage is pretty much par for the course if you are paying attention.

I also walked the dog twice in below freezing temperatures. Yes, I want a rose pinned on me.

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