Tuesday, February 16, 2016


I'm sitting here huddled up with the dog, warming myself by the light of my plastic fire. I'm trying to watch the Grammys, but I don't listen to music or know who any of the acts are. I recognized one because I fast forwarded through him when he was on SNL a couple of weeks ago.

If the acting awards show featured this much acting, we might be better judges of the art. Maybe if the general public and the industry knew more about the actual arts that are being honored, crap like The Big Bang Theory wouldn't be as covered with glory as they are. I would love to see actors actually acting, maybe doing scenes from the nominated shows? Or maybe famous monologues from the stage? I mean they are supposed to be good at what they do. Why not Brian Cranston  doing a scene from Death of a Salesman or  Juliana Margulies doing Miss Julie? They do a lot of singing on the Grammys and I haven't noticed a single trophy handed out - which I guess is good because I could care less who wins.

I am waiting for Adele.

I know they are going to save her to the end, which sucks because I do not really want to watch this. It is boring. This is why I have Sirius, I don't have to be aware of current mucis, in my world the only music is New Wave and occasionally really old country . I would pay to hear Adele sing Tammy Wynette or 70s Loretta Lynn. She would sing the hell out of  You Ain't Woman Enough (to take my man) or D-I-V-O-R-C-E.

This better be worth missing a show about competitive furniture design.

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