Wednesday, February 17, 2016


Yesterday night I looked at my kitchen and said "What could I make better here without spending a dime or doing any real work?"

After looking at the counter tops and wishing I had nothing them, I decided that if I moved stuff around , that it might at least look better. My big idea was the move knife rack and the big vat of utensils  from the right side of the stove to he left side of the stove. I use mostly the left side of the stove and when I'm cooking and reaching for spoons or knives or whatever, I have to move away from whatever I'm working on, and this is not always a great idea.

I had my big stand mixer and a semi-functional coffee maker standing around taking up space and I decided that they didn't really need to be out and could find other places to live.  I tucked the coffee maker away in the china cabinet and moved the mixer to the other side of the kitchen. I then moved the big spoons and the knife rack over to where the mixer and the maker had been,  Whew!

On Sunday, I must had the idea that I needed more counter space and so I made some. I took an oven rack out of the oven and put it  for a second over the sink - just to get it out of the way. Suddenly, I had more counter space as well as a way to keep the kitten who is currently in his "explorer" phase out of the sink.

These were such good ideas! I have a new surface to put things on and its easier for me to cook! I;m so excited! I'm smarter than I thought I was.

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