Thursday, February 18, 2016


Blah. I watched a lot of the Grammys so I would know who they were talking about on Fashion Police . No one on that show is under forty! I feel that they need someone a little younger than that to talk fashion, these people are just too old and while they are younger than I am, they are too old for what they are doing.

I don't really care what forty-five year old women think about what twenty-three year olds are wearing! And also, also these women on the panel aren't really style people anyway and who are they to pass judgement? And if they are going to pass judgment, PASS JUDGMENT! They are so damned nice! I don't watch this to hear how pretty a dress is! I want to hear about how awful that mess is! And if it is a mess, >\why is it a mess?

I get tired of the endless compliemnets and hand jobs they hand out. Why so nice? Give it up. You are the Fashion Police! Insult someone! Pile on for gawds sake! I am so tried of hearing how much they admire that skank in a ugly dress, just say it! Say she looks like a hag in that awful get up! Stop talking about how much you like her! You don't "know" her! She's a nobody! Attack! Attack! Attack!

Educate us! What are they wearing and why If you don't like it, what should they have worn. I am so under whelmed. I think its just the music people, I could care less and most of them are wearing costumes but really bad costumes. At the very least they seem to be aware they are wearing  costumes, no one is playing that they are wearing clothes that they would just wear,

I can't wait for the Oscar show, they are meaner to people they know.

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