Tuesday, February 9, 2016

My next project

I decided that I'm going to play the lottery so I can buy this!

 I think it would be cool for the fam to to have a place to go up in the mountains! Its not huge, but there is plenty of space for a couple of fold out couches and there is three acres to play with so tent camping is an option or we could build a bunky.

And its only 89K! Like nothing! It was a lot more but they cut the price to make it easier for me to buy. I've been watching its flier in the window of a real estate place on Fayetteville street for a good year, so I know  its been on the market for a while and they are really wanting to sell the place and I think they would like to sell it to me because I am likable and my pets are charming.

 I think it would just be a neat place to say is yours. Its  very close to Boone and Boone is supposed to be a way cool town and Asheville is close by and I love Asheville - how cool would it be to have a home base close to Asheville? 89K!

You can't get a parking place in Asheville for 89K.

So. How 'bout those... Oh, never mind. It was a suck game! Both teams showed up and both teams sucked, so it was just a question of who was going to suck less. Both teams fumbled and fouled and just about did their very best to not win the game. The Other Team did a better job at sucking less and they won. I'm not a big football watcher, but I do like a game played well and I recognize talent and strong skills when I see them. I am impressed by good play. I also recognize half assed, unfocused, badly done play and I am not impressed. I was not impressed by what I saw Sunday night.

Next year though, next year will be a real Super Bowl, because the Cowboys will be playing and it will be a great game,

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