Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Dogs and Cats

Dear Weird Guy,

I'm not worried about you, a block and a half behind me, on the other side of the street. I  took a quick glance at you and thought you looked like an out of work Santa, the dog on the other hand, read your body language and took a sniff of what over eu  de ew you have going on and decided that you were a fully employed ax murderer.

I am not trying to evade you, don't be too impressed,  but the dog suddenly decided that we need to get home and its not relaxing to walk the dog while he double times it down the street compulsively looking over his shoulder every fifteen seconds for five blocks to see where you are. I can't sense you any longer but apparently, the dog can and doesn't need to see you to want to be away from you.

I think you should not have surprised him, coming out from nowhere and not being there seconds before, I mean, its not like you were any threat to us, I didn't even notice you until the dog propelled us forward a block and surprised or not I, after all am armed with a fully automatic adult male dog,  And you are an unemployed Santa.

Be smart, the  federal court house is bristling with cameras and lights and very bored men with guns, don't surprise anyone near there, my dog is the very least of your worries.

When we are walking alone in the morning, the dog reacts the same way to any human moving within a mile of us - Big hint : Cross the street now, don't unnerve the dog, do not make him turn around, you won't like him when he turns around.  Sketchy morning people tend to avoid large carnivores,  sketchy morning people are smart and  most of them already know that they taste like chicken.

On to other pet things.

I must be really fond of Little kitty. I took a stool sample, ew, by the way, to a vet that I had to drive on the freeway in the dark to get to to drop off said sample!. I can't tell you how much I don't enjoy this! Not dropping of sample with the vet, because anything for my kitty! But the trip on the highway was a major nightmare. I thought that I could do it and it would be fine but it wasn't! The car was tipping over! and I was beside myself, almost literally. Hopefully my sacrifice will be worth it and we'll find out whats bothering him and we can fix it once and for all.

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