Thursday, February 11, 2016


I saw that they were holding another Dog Bar event Wednesday night and since I haven't gone to one in a while,  they had been holding them periodically but they were hosted by bars too far away and they are always during the week and I don't want to drive to the ass end of North Raleigh to hang out at a bar.

For a non-drinking introvert, bars are not the most fun place to go. Bars are for drinking and visiting and being social and I don't do those things. Rocket greases the wheels a little but, he doesn't drink either. They have these little contests and drawings and he doesn't win those and the drawings are rigged. He might have a better chance of winning if he was an asthmatic, teacup three legged rescue mutt. He doesn't stand a chance. I am not a hipster bro, so I'm not going to win anything either. So, no booze, no joy and no reason to be there.

But I like the group, despite they can't do a raffle properly and they were having  a thing downtown and I thought I would go, no real excuse presented itself apart from that the dog was happily asleep and if I wanted a kitty, I could just pick one up. I really didn't want to leave my nice warm chair and my TV and go in the cold to another place that wasn't as nice and there are no kitties. I went into the cold with the dog and went to the bar.

I had no idea that Wednesday evenings were so hopping! And I thought everyone was at bible study! Every space was taken for blocks around the place - not for the Dog Bar event, that place was also packed to the gills, but all of the places were hip deep in folks. We didn't go to Dog Bar.

I could have, I could have found a space a distance away and walked, but it was cold and I don't know that part of downtown as well as I should and it didn't seem prudent to go exploring. I want to go back some Saturday and see  the area in the daylight. Its changed a lot since I was there last, new apartments and restaurants  and a retail store . Just the one, we can't have too much space dedicated to not food or drink. We don't have time to shop but there is never not enough time to get loaded.

Instead of Dog Bar we went to Wally and I bought yogurt. Wheee,

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